We will be having an Autumn Fund Rasing Party on the 8th November

 "The Romans Over Here, Over Sexed and Overpaid"
From Godmanchester's favourite archaeologist Professor Stephen Upex a talk on Roman Army life in the barracks at St Ann's Lane from AD 43, the great villa complex at Rectory Farm and why Godmanchester is the pre-eminent Roman town in the province.

Godmanchester's Roman Treasures.

We will be also be seeing some of Roman Godmanchester's treasures, about which Professor Stephen Upex will talk, telling us where they came from (in some cases imported from abroad), how they got here and the kind of person who would have owned them.

During the interval between the talk and the treasures, delicious food and wine will be served. Michael Jacobsen well known Godmanchester musician will treat us to vintage popular music.

Doors Open 7.45pm for 8.00pm.

Tickets are £10 each from Kate 01480 454154 or Mick 01480 390599 or Shirley 01480 454196.