We will be showing two special films the museum has produced.

'Children of Godmanchester' .

Inspired by an old Pathe Pictorial film, shot in West Streetgodmanchester-pathe-news-west-street Godmanchester in February 1934, we turned detective and found either the children who were shown on that film, or their families. All are interviewed on the film, accompanied by a young local composer's arrangement of music based on Gracie Fields songs - she was a hit here in the 30s and interviewed in the Hunts Post at the time the Pathe film was shot.


'The Bridge'

This is the museums latest film of the dismantling and replacement of our Town Bridge with new details from one of Godmanchesters best liked historians, Ken Sneath about its original early 19th century architect, James Gallier.


Gallier went on to great success in America, becoming the fashionable creator of New Orleans City Hall and even private plantation houses for fabulously rich mid 19th century American entrepreneurs. The film includes the re-opening ceremony by County Council Chairman Linda Oliver and children from Godmanchester Community Primary School and St Ann’s Primary School.


We will also be detailing the history of Durovigutum, the town constructed by the Romans here.  It was burned at the time of Boudica’s revolt against Roman rule.  The display will look at public buildings, including the second largest Mansion found in Britain and a temple to the Romano-British God Abandinus, who seems to have been unique to the town.


In addition the museum will also be exhibiting interesting finds from this prominent military outpost of the Roman Empire. Our new and ground breaking map of Roman Godmanchester has been painstakingly constructed to show the ground plan of the ancient town of Durovigutum, so that everybody can finally see on which contemporary road the remains of these buildings were found. 


The museum will be exhibiting a lovely collection of photographs taken at St Ann’s Lane School from 1927 -1957. The photographs are from a private collection and show groups of children with their teachers (The School Photograph) and many rare informal images including children having lessons in the playground, celebrating Christmas and having fun in the snow.