The Air war in Huntingdonshire during ww2 aRoger Reynolds has put together a comprehensive account of the RAF Squadrons, that flew out of Huntingdonshire during WW2.

It tells the story of the airfields of Wyton, Upwood, Alconbury, Gravely, Warboys and Little Staughton, the men and aircraft that took to the skies to carry the war to Germany, the raids they carried out and those that lost their lives or became prisoners of war.

Overlooking the Short Sterling typo its a hugely important record of this county’s contribution to the ultimate defeat of the Nazi regime, from the early days of unreliable aircraft and poor navigation to the new bombers and the rapid invention of new and more accurate equipment and the building of the Pathfinder force.

In addition to the book Roger is keen to help any relatives searching for further information on their loved ones, and is happy to do all he can, we at the Godmanchester Museum are delighted to pass on your requests to Roger.

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