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20231008 Rose Allen A Godmanchester Girl

Having grown up and lived in Godmanchester for almost all of my life, I feel a connection to the town, a fascination with its long history and some familiarity with many of its old families. I have incorporated into the book many true stories and events, noted down from discussion with some of the members of these old Godmanchester families, as well as details told me by my parents who grew up here too.

To mark the centenary of her birth in Godmanchester, I have tried to paint a portrait in words of my Mother (the Rose Allen of the title), set against the landscape of her childhood as a typical girl of Godmanchester in the 1920s and 1930s.

I have used facts known to me, anecdotes told to me, Hunts Post archives and my imagination to present a composite picture which enables the reader to 'relive' the experience of growing up in the Godmanchester of a century ago.

The book references many places in Godmanchester, most of which can still be seen by us today, and so visitors to the town can stand on the spots mentioned in order to imagine themselves there back in the 1930s. Armchair readers can gain an idea of how we Gumcestrians celebrated the Silver Jubilee of George V and the Coronation of George VI - both topical events in our current times with the recent Platinum Jubilee and forthcoming, long-awaited next Coronation!

In addition, I have given readers a taste of the speech patterns and dialect of the older families, using direct speech exchanges and 'eye-dialect' whereby readers can 'hear' the old Godmanchester voices as they really spoke. As a teacher of English Language A Level, I am helping new generations to value the individuality of regional accents and dialects; this one is mine which I consider it important to preserve.

There are seventeen chapters, dealing with all aspects of a Godmanchester childhood. They are mostly short although those entitled Jubilee! and God Save the New King! Are longer because of all the archive material I researched, as is Around the Year with Rose, a month- by-month glimpse at local activities in my Mother's time.

Many interesting photographs accompany the text, including my grandmother's Munitions War Brooch, inscribed SHE DID HER BIT on the obverse, and Rose's own Silver Jubilee and Coronation medals. Her doll and money-box show us interesting, indeed curious, toys of the time.