Charles-Lord-StoneEnlargeThe following newspaper article describes a lost Godmanchester Artifact.

"An important archaeological discovery was made in 1870 on the site of the old National Schools (now Nos 18/23 A Old Court Hall. Godmanchester when a local builder, Charles Lord, found a carved stone built into a wall of the school.

The stone which dates to C1180 - 1200 is part of the shaft of a market cross. possibly the ancient St Ann's Cross mentioned in medieval records. The side illustrated shows St Thomas-a Becket and an angel.

On the opposite face is Christ seated in majesty, also with an angel and inscription. The other two sides are plain

After the stone was found, it was photographed, but from then on it appears to have vanished. The likelihood is that Chades Lord disposed of it as a garden ornament to someone in Godmanchester or the locality."


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